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A wise man once said, ‘I’m done with bargain-hunting; now I want it done right!’ When you want it done right, first time, contact Zenith Admin.
We provide a number of quality virtual administrative services for businesses wishing to outsource their administrative tasks for lack of time or skill.

Using a contractor for your administration tasks is advantageous to a business for a number of reasons:

  • Allows the business owner to focus on their specialty work and critical decisions instead of spending hours filling in data and paperwork
  • No outlay for staff computer, desk or office space
  • No need to pay leave
  • No payroll responsibilities (for example, tax withholding, superannuation guarantee) apart from paying the contractor invoice
  • Saves money by only paying a contractor for the hours worked, when you need the work done, instead of paying a staff member all year round

 Services we provide:

  • Electronic Filing and Scanning – send us your hardcopy paperwork (signed contracts, project notes, invoices, receipts, etc) or photographs and we will scan and send them back to you, catalogued and organised in Evernote ( or Dropbox
  • Creating spreadsheets & forms in Excel or Google Docs to your specifications, including data entry and formulas
  • Document and website proofreading and editing
  • Online game support
  • Process improvement
  • Project administration
  • Customer technical support
  • Budgeting, forecasting & monthly reports
  • MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero bookkeeping and payroll
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Word processing and transcription
  • Email inbox management
  • Forum moderation
  • Database creation and maintenance
  • Social media (profiles, groups or pages) creation and maintenance – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Website maintenance
  • Blog maintenance
  • Internet-based research
  • Website or online auction site product additions
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Basic creation of flyers/pamphlets for printing
  • Electronic newsletter distribution for your business
  • Ad Hoc administrative tasks – just ask!

 All work is confidential and completed to a high standard.

 Please check the ‘Client Recommendations’ page for feedback from current and past clients.

Client Feedback

Zenith Admin is an invaluable part of our organisation

Their broad range of skills are applicable to make any organisation more efficient, productive and communicative. Once given a task, we are able to trust that Zenith Admin will complete the task by the deadline with minimal follow-up.

Randall (Media & marketing administration)

Extremely reliable and highly recommended!

Following our game’s release, we were lacking a proper level of customer support. That’s when Zenith Admin swooped in and rescued us.

Edward (Community management and online game technical support)


Many Benefits

  • Email inbox maintenance
  • Operational bookkeeping
  • Process improvement
  • Creation and maintenance of electronic filing systems

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